My sweet girl, Janice is finally home this morning after being “held captive” against her will for A MONTH. With all the health issues in the J Family, I didn’t even realize that time did pass by so fast. I have been very busy trying to settle some of the existing vet’s issues that I was totally knocked out towards the end of each day for the last few days. Luckily everyone were in the best of health now… well almost… with only Janice left to be treated for her mild ear wound from the last attack. Thank goodness! The health issues were finally over. Thanks to everyone who had chipped in to help out during these stressful moments. Gosh! It has been indeed an extremely tiring period for me.

The babies were very excited to have their sister back. The first moment Janice was brought into the house, Joey was the first to wish and snuggle with her sister. She really missed sleeping on her sister’s tummy all these weeks.


Jimmy came up next and cuddled Janice as never before and gave her sister some licks to clean her up. It was such a touching moment seeing him doing that. It was like “Sis… I miss you. Can you please come and play with me now?”


There’s one very obvious change on Janice that made me worried now. She has grown so fat with all the nutrients and vitamins she had at the vet that she had turned into a couch potato. Gosh! Have I got to serve her like a queen now? OMG! It looked like I’m going to be her slave for a long time to come. I hated that “Daddy, please do this and that and this and that” look in her eyes. But what can I say? She has been my jewel and most pampered cat in the family… Oops… favoritism! Haha!


Today was indeed my happiest moment to get her home. It’s great to have everyone here back to being healthy, happy, playful and joyful moods again. Well, I did get a great present from Janice too. She really missed playing with me for so long in our own sanctuary that she forgot about being as lady like as she has always been. Who’s to complain to see her in such a cheerful mood now? I won’t…


Note: To all those who had sent their well wishes as well as helping out during this period, I would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” Without you, the J Family Kitties would not have survived these ordeals. I would indeed repay whatever within my means at the present moment to help more kitties in need in the near future.


  1. WOOHOOOO welcome home Janice!!
    Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful moments.
    You all sure do look like you missed your beautiful sisfur :))
    It is wonderful she is home and you are all healthy again :))


  2. We are so very happy that Janice is now home & that efurryone is feeling better!! Such beautiful pictures made Mama's eyes leak…

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  3. Wow ! Happy to read that the family is in good health again and Janice home !! She indeed looks as if she had been on a “fattening” beauty farm and not in a Vet’s “hospital” ! Be happy that she looks so healthy (and fat) it’s much better than a skinny cat !

  4. Is that Janice? She looks radiant. That photo of her on her back, too funny.
    So very glad the cats are starting to look better. You need a week of sleep, at least, after that ordeal.

  5. Welcome home Janice, we are so happy the J family has been reunited. ~S,S & C

  6. *wooo hooo*
    Welcome home Janice we are sooooo happy that you are back where you belong…


  7. Welcome home little lady! Your family is complete once again.
    Thank you for your visit Criz…you are most welcome for what little I did. I will try to get Junior to Paypal you direct for winning the pearls. It was my honor to help, it really was.
    God Bless you and your precious family…
    Love Miss Peach

  8. Such warm and wonderful news, and we are all so very happy for you and all the J-Cats Family. The photos are beautiful…

  9. We are sooo glad to see Janice back home!! Sending her and the whole family our best wishes!!
    ~ The Bunch

  10. This is just the best news! We are so glad to see photos of Janice and her siblings together again. It’s been a long month, Criz! We don’t know how you all survived it, but we’re glad you did.

  11. WOO HOO!!!!!! We are so glad that Janice is back and everyone is feeling better! All of you need to rest up after the stressful time you have just had!

  12. We’re glad she’s home. Paying forward is a good thing.

  13. Criz we are so happy for you and for Janice and for all the rest of the family!!! Thank you for the wonderful pictures – especially Janice as couch potato, hahhahahahahahahahaha
    Lots of happy purrs
    The Cat Realm

  14. Hooray! Welcome home, Janice! You are looking great now. And I am so glad to learn that everyone is healthy again.

  15. I’m very happy to see Janice home and looking so well. I think the extra padding suits her! Very lovely pictures too. I hope you are doing ok too.

    Whicky Wuudler

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