This week’s theme is on FURRY.
Somehow there is one FURRY four-legged thing in my house
that has been giving me lots of doubt over his innocence.
If you had watch the FURRY Puss-in-the-Boots in Shrek,
you can imagine how pretentious and pathetic look that cat has.
Jeremy behaved exactly like that FURRY Puss-in-the-Boots.
Now who shall I blame for wetting the IC chips in my TV now?
It cost me quite a bomb just to get the TV repaired!
Which of the 8 FURRY J Kitties was the culprit?
The case still remained as a mystery until today…
Any FURRY kitty detective out there?? LOL!!





So that’s what my FURRY Jeremy has
in his mind on me all these while!!
There may be some truth in it too… Haha!!


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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. Wow!! I’ve always thought that Jeremy’s fur was short..didn’t know it was so furry.
    Hello!! Groom regularly hor,unless you love de-matting 😛

  2. Furry seems like it is a way too easy photohunters this week! But you did a lovely job and set the bar very high.

  3. Wow, that is a very furry animal. So beautiful. You must have had trouble choosing which cat to showcase this week as I am sure they are all very furry.
    Have a good weekend Criz.

  4. Poor Jeremy! You should be ashamed of yourself for always blaming him! He looks so innocent …

  5. You’re the winner of course! lol. dont need much thinking…This theme is for you and the lovely missus and misters!

  6. Maybe you’re going to have to get Jeremy a hat and a pair of boots… ;b

  7. I always love your comments that go along with your “furry” purring cats. Thanks for the laughs. Great Photos too!!

  8. Looks guilty to me. It’s always the one that “meows” his innocence the loudest that is to blame!

    Puuurrrfect picks for “furry!”

  9. He is truly a handsome tabby! Yeah…human jealousy knows no boundary. Stay cool Jeremy!

  10. I really love how your cats look like — and I like how you were able to photograph them well. Great job!

    My PH entries are here and here. Hope you can hop by if you have the time. Thanks!

  11. I’ve had those mysteries in my house with my Furry kids. It’s not fun to have to deal with that kind of mystery. But you’re pictures definitely fit today’s PhotoHunt theme! :0)

  12. Hi Jeremy you are very furry and gorgeous. Scylla & Charybdis

    Nice photo hunt. ~ Socks

  13. oh, how lovely. i just want to hug that furry ball! i mean, cat… he he

  14. wow, nice photos you got here..thanks for leaving a comment at my photohunt post..heehhe yeah T-bone for sure.

  15. your posts are always such fun!! (And Jeremy is awfully cute!)

  16. Beautiful furry fur! I bet he feels wonderfully soft.

  17. Hahaha. Funny furry post 🙂 Great pictures for the photohunt! Wish you and ypur cat a happy weekend 🙂

  18. What great furry pics today!
    chin scritches,
    Uncle Mo

  19. Love your angle on this week’s theme. Great job!!! Poor Jeremy, he looks wee too innocent.

  20. rut ro…this is a case of the cat that got away??? lol..too cute! My hunt is up, please come and visit soon

  21. Oh, that is so funny! He doesn’t seem to look guilty! 🙂 He’s so cute!

  22. We haven’t been around for a while but we haven’t forgotten you. Things have been crazy around here. We hope you are all okay and things are going well.

  23. oh my I have always loved to visit here and see your cats. But after being away from blogging for a while…I am once again so amazed.

    I am late making rounds on this photohunt. My schedule went south starting last Friday night.

    Fantastic pictures! I hope you are having a great week!

  24. Ohhh that’s my Jeremy boy!!! Hehehehe, i miss your kids so much!!! Happy Moo Moo year to you and kids and sorry for MIA for such a long time!!

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