This week’s theme is on ROAD.
Many people would have posted on ROAD
but I have decided to touch on the life of an insect…
Yup… it’s the ROAD to Freedom!
As you know most insects would not survive
from the playfulness of any kitties but this one did…
This millipede is a survivor!!


Why is the millipede so lucky?
The story goes like this…






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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. A long way to the road…but with so many legs…

    ARGHZ!!! I cannot tahan liow!

  2. The centipede had a hard road to travel next to the kitties. I like centipedes so I was rooting for it to make it safely past kitty.

  3. Well there you go being creative with the theme again…Quite the long road for that bug :0)

  4. those are some cute photos Criz, please stop by and take a trip down my country roads….

  5. That is so cute! I love coming over to see what creative way you’ll come up with the theme. You might like to see my post just below my PH one – 😉

  6. Yippie, now let that silly bug outside and it will get squished by a big foot!

  7. wow! he’ll be at freedom fast with all those legs!

    how is Joelyn doing? are any of the kitties playing with her yet? we think of you all often

  8. LOL! Your baby so “Kaui”. Not like my dog. Sometimes, I feel he is my master rather than I am his. Hahaha……

    The centipede is lucky! So do you. 😛

  9. What a generous kitten ! I don’t think that he would have had the chance here, lol ! how cute !!
    BTW have a look on Rosie and Arthur they are pirates now !

  10. Love this….love the captions…hey, picking on someone smaller than you is OKAY in my book. Especially this icky creature!!!

    Mine’s shared…all about the “Devil” this week. Come see. Have a great weekend, and happy hunting!

  11. Mom is eeeking!!

    We think the centipede looks like a good Itasty) pal!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. That is just too cute!!! The ROAD to freedom!!That millipede better use all of his legs and get going!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Cute kitten pictures. The millipede is so lucky that kitty listened to daddy and let it get 'on the road' to safety.

    Mindy & Moe

  14. interesting picture-telling-story you go there. hope the centipede got out alive.

    Here’s mine. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. Good choice in leaving dat buggie to his own road. All doze leggies wpuld haf itched yur moufie.

  16. That is one crazy looking millipede! I thought it was a centipede at first…

  17. good kitten… it pays to follow advises, kitty!

  18. What a great post for the road theme! And I always love to see your kitties!

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