Count down … 4 days more before the surprise party! I am already feeling the exhaustion now with so much of preparation to do, so many things to marinate, chop and fridge them properly. I just wondered how Karl managed to handle all the things during his blogoversary? I desperately need a rest now. Maybe Janice can help me to get a brush for glazing the BBQ meats. PREPARE01 PREPARE02 PREPARE03 PREPARE04 PREPARE05 If you are attending the party but do not see your name appearing here in Mister Linky, please fill it up. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks… Jessica.


  1. Hahahaha! That looks like the perfect brush for putting on the BBQ sauce!

  2. This is a great brush – kind of semi-automatic with good speed control.

  3. Good quality bristles, with adjustable angle, yup perfect brush alright… but think u guys need much more help to get to use it! haha
    Can’t wait for the party!
    Here’s to a great start to the week! 😀
    Purrs and Cheers,

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