photohunters This week’s theme is on TWIST(ED).
Lucky Bamboo Plant (Ribbon Plant) can be TWISTED
by rotating the plant towards specific light sources.
It will take time and patience to achieve this effect.
The Asians considered this plant as a Feng Shui plant,
believing that it will bring in good Qi (natural energy)
into a household based on its vitality and strong growth.
This is how beautiful it can be when some red ribbons
and ornaments are decorated onto the TWISTED stems.
TWISTED01 This TWISTED plant can shaped as though there are
some bamboo vipers twisting around the bamboo plant.
Sometimes, the growers will TWIST them like a pineapple (Ong Lai).
In Feng Shui term, pineapple (Ong Lai) means good luck is coming.
These TWISTED plants can be grown in soil or in water for years.
Common Name: Lucky Bamboo, Ribbon Plant, Ribbon Dracaena
Scientific Name: Dracaena sanderiana
Family: Agavaceae
Toxic Principle: Saponins
Clinical signs:
Vomiting (with blood), depression, anorexia, hyper-salivation, dilated pupils (cats) THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT! For those members,
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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. That ‘Ribbon Plant’ is a wonderful TWISTED plant. Great choice for Photo Hunter!!!!!!

  2. i have twisted bamboo plant too.

    nice shot and happy hunting!

  3. What a great choice for the ‘twisted theme’. We see’s dat plant in the grocery store’s plant section all the time….just in water. Thanks for the warning, it looks easy to grow though.

    Mindy & Moe

  4. Twisted bamboo plants 🙂 I guess most Chinese families have these hor. Hope yours bring you good luck!! 🙂

  5. They are good pics for the theme.Must remember the poisonous aspects of the plant – perhaps SS is just paranoid after the recent episode.

  6. My bamboo plants are straight, and now I know how to get the twisted effect!
    Happy PH and happy weekend!

  7. We can buy those twisted bambu plant here i Sweden too.
    Great choice!
    Happy weekend!

  8. for a moment, i thought it was real birds until i saw the 2nd picture…and kitty hiding is just so cute!!!!


  9. that’s one gorgeous plant! thanks for the additional info! 🙂
    happy photo hunting!

  10. Hey – great photos this week! Have a good weekend. 🙂

    From Leslie of Kaleidoscope. 🙂

  11. Poison or not – they’re beautiful!

    Thanks for the visit!

  12. Wow that must be getting you loads of luck!:)
    Thanks for that warning I didn’t know they are poisonous.

  13. wow I didnt know they are poisonous, but only for cats? How about little kids? Great post, I got the snail but you got cute cats!!!

  14. Ha ! that’s really a funny coincident ! You and I had the same idea with this bamboo plant ! Only I didn’t know the name, thanks to you now I know. My cats don’t even look at this plant, I think they have enough to sniff outside in the garden, fortunately ! As decoration these twigs are really beautiful !

  15. Beautiful shots for the theme. Hope you have a great weekend.

  16. Fascinating post Criz, full of information. Thanks for the warning about toxicity. If I grew this I know my two cats would chew on it, so I’d better leave it alone.

  17. It’s a great shot! I’ve seen plants like that sold here, growing in water, but I had no idea they were toxic.

  18. Nice take on the theme! These bamboo plants are very popular here in Sweden too.
    Happy weekend

  19. You can buy those everywhere here but you have taken it to the nth degree with decoration. Fantastic Criz. Have a good weekend.

  20. Those bamboo plants are toxic?
    Ohhhh, we have some of those here that daughter brought in.
    I think we should get rid of them now that we have Pierro!

  21. Oh I didn’t know it can be twisted this way, and I didn’t know it’s toxic! Luckily we don’t have that at home. :/

  22. That’s a wonderful choice for the theme. I used to have a lucky bamboo too. That one looks like a lot bigger than than the one I had.

  23. i will b shocked if one day yr post is below std. yrs is always so quality for the theme 🙂

  24. dangerous plant! i hope that curiosity doesn’t- you know- the cat…

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