Adapted from Malay Mail PETALING JAYA: The “Serdang cat kiIler” now faces another report against her, this time from the Selangor Department of Veterinary Services (DVS). Yesterday morning, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) president Christine Lai lodged a police report in Petaling Jaya against 21-year-old Chow Xiao Wei who apologisedRead More →

Many of you might not be aware about the recent hot video that had gone viral not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. The approximately 5-minutes video which was retrieved last week from a CCTV along a back lane in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, showed something that got many animalRead More →

After a good night rest from a tiring excursion yesterday, Daddy decided to take us up to Genting Highlands for a day of indoor and outdoor theme park outing. We woke up very early to visit Auntie Sara who would lead us up there. As we were over excited aboutRead More →

The J Kitties finally had the chance to go for a trip to visit their far away cousin down south in one of the towns called Klang within the state of Selangor, Malaysia with Daddy Criz. It was a long trip and finally they reached their cousin’s forever home whichRead More →