Thanks to everyone who had came in here to give us some comfort. I appreciate it a lot. The day went by rather hectic with me spending practically the whole day with Joey at the vet trying to get her all fixed up. It was indeed a terrible experience forRead More →

I have been asking myself this question ever since Joey slept barely an hour ago. Why must all the mishaps happen during a Sunday at odd hours when I can’t seek help from anyone? First it was a visiting Alpha with a badly torn lips, then Panther with a almostRead More →

This week’s theme is on BEAUTIFUL.As the saying goes…“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”What else can I show except the BEAUTIFUL eyes of the J Kitties…Who do you think hasthe most BEAUTIFUL eyes?? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT! For those PhotoHunt members, please click Mister LinkyRead More →

I was away for an appointment 150 miles away from home yesterday. Leaving the home at 5.00am and coming back 10 hours later was very tiring. I just could not leave the kitties at home alone too long without anybody supervising their ever chaotic behaviors. When I was back, IRead More →