UPDATE: 11.00pm – She’s awake but refused to eat even with the best food given on her plate. Fortunately, she did sip in some warm water herunterladen. She has not stop licking her “ahem” yet. I’m still following her around to clean your those “sliding” blood stains she made onRead More →

herunterladen I could still remember how anxious I was around this time 3 years ago when Mama Jessica gave birth to these beautiful babies herunterladen. The memories of helping her in labor was the most memorable experience for me. How I wished Justin could be found for this reunion andRead More →

Life has been rather quiet here this festive season with rains of tears storming this tropical region almost daily, especially on one specific spot – my then new but now sad home microsoft streams herunterladen. Ever since Jeremy’s departure, I had to brave myself to stay strong as my promiseRead More →

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the wishes and comfort during these sad moments. Jeremy was the love of my life… my son… the “man” behind my blog. Without him around, my life had gone crashing down. It happened so quickly and I was totallyRead More →

No words can describe How sad and empty I feel todayEspecially when it’s your birthday herunterladen. Why did you have to go away suddenlyAnd leave a big hole in my heartWhen there was hope for you to exist? What I’m suffering now seems so unfairAs my love for you hasRead More →

16 DECEMBER 2010:UPDATE: 12.10pm – Monty’s Mum found him dead frozen under her car jodel app herunterladen. I was lost for words. 🙁 A simple funeral was held. Goodbye Jeremy~ http://cats.crizlai.com/2010/12/16/remembering-jeremy/ UPDATE: 10.20am – 24 hours since I found him sick utorrent kostenlos herunterladen deutsch. He’s still missing. 🙁 UPDATE:Read More →

google chrome nederlands This week’s theme is FRAMED.Sometimes, certain frames should be left untouched.Now somebody is crying foul over himbeing FRAMED for tearing downa paper wall divider… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT instagram video herunterladen pc!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! HAPPY PHOTO HUNTING! herunterladenRead More →

euro truck vollversion kostenlos downloaden This week’s theme is NUMERICAL.There’s something NUMERICAL in lifethat kept us in distress at times…Monthly Family Budget herunterladen! 😛Finally, the kitties realized thatmaintaining a family is notas easy as it may sound…especially when it’s in US dollars… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT schulschriftRead More →