16 DECEMBER 2010:
UPDATE: 12.10pm – Monty’s Mum found him dead frozen under her car. I was lost for words. 🙁 A simple funeral was held. Goodbye Jeremy~

UPDATE: 10.20am – 24 hours since I found him sick. He’s still missing. 🙁


UPDATE: 8.12am – He did not greet me this morning. I’LL NEED A MIRACLE NOW! 🙁

UPDATE: 2.00am – Went out to check again with Janice. Still none! 🙁

UPDATE: 12.00am – Armed with torch lights… Checked the whole neighborhood with a friend. Jeremy not found. 🙁

15 DECEMBER 2010:
UPDATE: 10.10pm – Still no sign. I’m still praying and hoping… Don’t let me down Jeremy…Sob~ Sob~

UPDATE: 8.07pm – More than 10 hours and still no sign of Jeremy back for dinner. I’m not going to like the sound of it… Where could he be?

UPDATE: 5.20pm – Went out checking the whole place for the 10th time by overturning whichever place he could have been hiding… NONE! He better come out from hiding fast before it’s too late to do anything for him. It’s getting late now. 🙁

I’m panicking here…it’s a matter of life and death now but I can do nothing as Jeremy went missing before I could get him to the vet. I should have kept the main door closed. 🙁 It was truly my mistake! 5 hours had passed but I could not find him in the whole neighborhood. Where could he be hiding? I really did not expect that a sick and weak cat can still linger out and hide himself away? Jeremy~ Please come home… you need to seek treatment immediately. Pleaseeee…..


I felt something real strange this morning when he came hunting for me. Not his norm anyway. Suddenly, I felt that he became so lightweight overnight. While cuddling him, he looked at me with that teary eyes and gave out a weird sounding meow. That was really strange. Before I could put him down to check out what was wrong with him, he leaked on my legs… not once but three times and the smell was extremely pungent.


Immediately I laced a box and put him in there for inspection while taking some shots to be emailed to my vet before they are open for business. Gosh! He was still leaking and his anus was filled with bloody mucus-like liquid.


This was a sign for emergency but the vet won’t be in until another half an hour. I quickly cleaned up all the mess, changed and planned to take him to the vet but he was no where to be found in the box, around the house and outdoor in the garden. I try seeking for him door by door in the neighborhood but there was just no sign of him at all. I’m really stressed out right now. I’m hoping for some prayers for his speedy homecoming and great health.



  1. OMG i couldn't believe of what i read!! Not Jeremy please, oh the boy that i love!! *Sob Sob*, Criz, stay strong, be positive, gotta pray now!!! Pls update!! Shall call you.

    Take care.

  2. O, no!
    Criz, I will post an tell tha whole Cat Blogosphere to send purrs right now.
    Pleeze, Jeremy, pleeze come home.
    So you can go to tha vet and get help.
    Our eyes are all leaky here.
    Please keep us posted, Criz.

  3. I am sending lots of purrs to Jeremy in hopes that he finds his way home – that boy needs to go to the vet NOW! He is probably hiding somewhere, as sick cats tend to do.

  4. We are so sorry to hear that Jeremy is ill and missing. We are gonna go into prayer and purr overdrive for his speedy safe return ~ so yoo can get him the emergency help he needs. We will purr for his health too.

  5. I'm praying and crossing my fingers for Jeremy! Hopefully he could be found soon and got the right treatment.

  6. Oh Criz, that's terrible news. Gypsy & Tasha are purring and purraying for Jeremy to come out of hiding so he can get some help. We're all thinking of you guys,


    Gypsy & Tasha and Karen (Mum)

  7. All of us are sending lots and lots of purrs and prayers that Jeremy comes home and gets the treatment he needs asap.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie and Mike also mombean Nina

  8. We are purring that Jeremy comes home soon and can receive treatment in time.

  9. We are purring our best rumbly purrs for Jeremy coming home and getting treatment from the vet.
    We hope you find him very soon.

  10. Hope you find your cat soon…It's heartbreaking indeed…

    Shueh Leigh

  11. We're purring hard for Jeremy, that he comes home SOON and gets the help he needs.

    Lots of Light from us, paws crossed!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  12. Sending purrs for Jeremy to come home – look inside the house – he may just be hiding and not have gone far.

  13. Jeremy come home! We is purrin dat Bast sends him right back home so dat he can get sum 'mergency treatments!

    Mom Laure

  14. Criz we are sending love and rumbly purrs to call dear Jeremy home or come out from wherever you are. Poor baby, please come home any way you can, your Daddy needs to help you little boy.

    Whicky Wuudler

  15. Oh, no, Criz! We're so sorry you and Jeremy are going through this. We hope you can find him soon.

  16. We are sending our purrs too. We hope you can find Jeremy. He is more likely to be hiding somewhere quiet than running off. Check every nook and cranny even if you have already checked them before.

  17. We're purring loud and hard for Jeremy to come home so you can get him to the Vet and fixed up.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  18. We is purring and purring dat Jeremy comes home or out of hiding. Jeremy, please, Criz needs to help yoo get better. GET HOME!

  19. Jeremy, today is not the day to hide yourself away. We know you feel sickly, but you'll feel better once you get to the V*T.

    Get yourself home, soonest, OK?

  20. Just checking back… Criz, we are all purring for Jeremy to come back and for you to get him to the vet.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC, Missy Blue Eyes, Faith Boomerang, Sol, Smokey, Brutus Jr., and Mommy ML

  21. Oh nos, I am purring and purring for Jeremy to be found and be helped. Where could he have gone?

  22. I am so very sorry about Jeremy. Sick cats do tend to hide themselves away, but I am heartbroken that he chose to do so outside. Don't blame yourself too much. As sick as he was, it didn't seem likely that he would go out. I am sending you lots of {{{hugs}}} and Herman sends comforting purrs.

  23. WE are so very sorry to hear about Jeremy going to the bridge. That is so very sad. Poor little thing. We are sending you lots of purrs and many hugs in your sad times.

  24. We stopped by to see if there was news about Jeremy. We are so so sorry to hear he went to the Bridge. Purrs and prayers of comfort from all of us.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  25. We are also very sorry to hear of Jeremy's trip to the Bridge. I know when my Puff was the worst (we knew it was near the end) all he wanted was to go outside in below zero temperatures apparently to die alone. Maybe Jeremy was trying to spare you???

  26. We came over from the CB to tell you how sorry we are for your dear sweet boy, Jeremy, running off to The Bridge. He was probably trying to run off to the bridge without your knowing. We are so sorry for your loss…

    Gentle Hugs and Purrs~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew and Shannon

  27. I just dropped by to check on the update on Jeremy and was saddened to hear that he went to he bridge. Comforting purrs are being sent to you.

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