This week’s theme is BALANCED.
Even with a BALANCED diet daily,
it does not necessary mean that you would not get sick.
Well, Jeremy indeed had a speedy recovery
after his bout of flu last week.
He’s now back in action with my BALANCED routine… LOL!



  1. LOL~ Your dad definitely thinks it's cheaper to use you as weights instead of heading the to gym!
    But maybe if there were any sexy ladies there, he might just go!

  2. Fun post 😀 It is true cheaper than go to gym.

    Have a nice weekend. Hope you visit mine too.

  3. I wish I could use my cat as a weight! That´s a good idea – I´ll try it…
    I wish you a nice weekend!

  4. Beautiful cats with their balanced diets and perfect for their Daddy's exercises too. Happy weekend.

  5. Cute and charming as always Criz. You always come up with something using your furry friends

    Happy weekend to you

  6. I love your cats! They are so beautiful and your take on this theme is perfect. Glad Jeremy is feeling better. 🙂

  7. I am so glad that he's all better now and can get back to his balanced diet.

  8. I am glad Jermy is all better! Your cats are adorable:)

  9. Using vats in exercise. I'm sure there is a fitness video in there! Great take on the theme

  10. hmm i think it's a win-win situation: you have to be fed more and more so that daddy's leg weights will increase in weight and thus make his legs stronger. nice tactic. hehe

  11. So glad Jeremy's recovered and back in balance! 🙂 I love your little guys… join a gym already, would ya? :))

  12. What a life! Very well balanced indeed. 🙂

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