This week’s theme is BAGS.
The past few weeks upon shifting to a new place
have been rather tiring with the unpacking
of stuff from boxes and BAGS.
I’ll just let Janice handle all the ranting this week.
Let’s hope she gets her priority right this time…



  1. Great post for the theme Criz. As always your adorable kittens are a bright light.

  2. Just having moved myself only recently I know how tiring that can be. Janice is "dog tired" here I see.

  3. An environmentally conscious cat! What's next, I wonder! 😀

  4. My favorite dear kitty used to love to play in a paper grocery sack. Love the last photo – he just looks so comfy. Great picks for the theme. (as always)

  5. Great shots – love the colors and playfulness of the last photo.

    Happy Weekend.

  6. Your kitty photos are always so cute! Hope everyone is adjusting to the new home.

    Check out what I did with my cloth bags.

  7. a dead whaleshark recently washed ashore in Manila Bay. in its belly were nails and plastic packages, among other gruesome contents. we really have to become better citizens of this world…

  8. We has dems bags too! The mom puts them up before we is able to sit on dem. Phooey!

    Happy Halloween! We hopes yoo all has a safe day.

  9. Hi Cwiz catss
    It's lovely to see you again,Thank you fow visiting. That is vewy good wemindews about safety and the enviwonment.
    I hope you have a safe and vewy happy Halloween
    smoochie kisses

  10. Hi Criz cats, sorry it has taken us so long to come by. Apparently when humans have head colds they are very forgetful and irritable. Janice you look purrfect in your bag. We hopes the move has gone smoothly and everyone is settled in satisfactorily. ~S,S,C & F

  11. Janice, you will be pleased to know our beans have been switching to recycling bags for groceries. Hope you are all settling into your new home

    Moe, Mindy, Bon Bon, Cookie and Mike

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