This week’s theme is on PROTECT(ION).
There are many ways to interpret the word
PROTECTION and mine this week would on
Global PROTECTION awareness.
I also hope that all the human and animals
would be protected against all harms at all time…
especially Jayson…
Missed you boy…







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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. Awwww no cat should ever have to be a stray 🙁 Cute pics, and very creative 🙂

  2. Great take on the theme. Is Jayson still missing? I hope he is o.k. I was just thinking about him and hoping that he turned up.

  3. Well one thing I know, these cats have found the great protector in you Criz.
    Happy weekend to you.

  4. You’re cats are always protected… you are so good to them… and I always enjoy your stories…

  5. That is a great post on PROTECTION 🙂 We hope you stay safe little one 🙂 That frishaw is a great place to get PROTECTION from sun & rain 🙂 It's a great place for a nice nap too,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
    PeeEss: We still miss Jayson too.

  6. Nice post but we're still purring for Jayson, and for you,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  7. this series reminds me of a currently running ad on tv in Manila now, promoting care for stray animals, that they are homeless but not worthless =] i pray there will come a time that both human and pet will have roofs over their heads =]

  8. Do you let your cats roam outside your home? Looks like it in the trishaw photos — unless you brought them out especially to model that day! ;D

  9. I love your stories!
    I hope Jayson is safe and back home now.

  10. My bf is enjoys your photos so much…he is more fond of cats than me! But I have to agree you have there nice photos which resonates well with the words!

  11. I miss having a cat but I’m allergic and ever since Madison and Fluffy left this world I have lived catless. My breathing is better but I miss the personality and joy they bring. Great photos and post!

    Stop by and see mine if you have the chance.
    JyLnC’s Photo Hunt

  12. That is one of the most attractive cats I have ever seen!

  13. I love the look in the last photo! But they are all great. Sorry about Jayson, both of you are in our thoughts.

    Here’s my proctection.

  14. Very thoughtful post, this week, Criz. I would take him if he weren’t on the other side of the world!:-)

    Thanks for visiting me!

  15. It is so scary for an outside/stray cat. Danger is everywhere. We hope this kitty finds a home soon.
    Any word about Jayson?
    ~ The Bunch

  16. What a beautiful cat! We have six here right now and all are pampered, protected and getting old. Great pictures and story!

  17. u’ve captured a lovely lazy moment of the cat on the seat.

  18. Nice photo and I have to agree that stray cats have it rough. Truly wish that there are more people who can adopt them. Cute photos:)

  19. Just coming by to say mieow, now that my SS has returned. What is happening at the J’s family? What’s up with Jayson?

  20. Great theme. Is Jayson still missing? We hope he is o.k. We were hoping that he turned up. We haven’t had the chance to visit in a while. Hope all is well!

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