With Thanksgiving coming up this week, followed by Christmas then New Year, there would be lots of gatherings, parties not forgetting lots of ongoing drinking events happening before the end of the year. All the J Kitties love parties, especially Jeremy. But! Jeremy has an advice for everyone, “There’s a limit to everything. Do not go too far beyond your limitation. It is better safe than never…” Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends throughout the globe!






  1. Jeremey this is a very good and impawtant message!!
    Silly hoomans think they will be ok because it is “only around the corner” but it only takes “only around the corner” for something bad to happen, to them or worse someone else!


  2. Fanks, Jeremey, fur tha announcement. that is wonnerful advice.

  3. I forgot about Thanksgiving. Time to roast something nice for the cats!

  4. That’s a very important message! Thankyou for the card and get well wishes. I am slowly getting better and am thankful for all the well wishes of my furriends.

  5. you are not the only cat victim ! My cats ALWAYS wake me up even before 6 ! when I was on holidays they did it with Mr. Gattino, who wasn’t very happy about that, but nothing to do when they want something we have to jump !
    It’s a long time I haven’t heard from you but scrolling through your blog everything seems to be OK by now.

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