Janice was away from home ever since yesterday. Everyone missed her so much, especially me. I have no choice but to hospitalize her yesterday as she has grown weaker each day. She is now still on IV Drip as she has dehydrated from nonstop of loose bowel problems for the last one week. I thought the medication given by the vet would work but somehow it did not help her a bit. Moreover, her “horns” now maintained fleshy pink but they did not grow any bigger. It is still a mystery for all of us on what would have caused the lumps. Moki’s Mum did suspect that it might be due to Nasopharyngeal Polyps but the vets were not certain as Janice showed more symptoms than those listed in the information. Whicky Wuudler, Oliver, Angel O’Cakes and Gerry’s Mum thought it could be due to bug bites. The vets ruled that out as there were only 5 fleshy lumps and they only appeared on her head and no where else.

There are still running tests on her when I visited her this morning. The vet managed to control her purging although her stools were still semi soft. She was crying softly to be taken out of that foreign place. She wanted to be taken home to be with her family. I was deeply sad with her cries but she has to be there in order to get well. With all the facilities there, she should get well right? I hope so. Janice would have to be there for a week or more depending on how fast she is accepting the treatments. The vets would have to get her up and going before they could perform any surgery on her. She’s just too weak now.

I’m very exhausted mentally and physically with all the running to and fro from the vet’s. Nothing gets in or out from my brain now. I’m totally in daze most of the time. At least she’s getting the best treatment now to recover from this ordeal. I hope she would stay positive all the way. I believe in her. I believed that she would not give up hope so easily. Sob~

Adding to this nightmare, both Jeremy and Justin were also affected by mild purging problems. Although milder than what Janice had experienced, I’m on full alert on any possible outbreak here. I’m still puzzled. All of them have been eating the same food and getting the same clean, filtered and boiled water and they can still get affected? There would be more monitoring and sanitizing every hour of the day now. I hope their problems were not related to Janice’s illness as it only happened the day I brought Janice to the vet. I guessed I would have to take more days of leave to take care of the kitties now…


  1. Purrs and prayers to you all. We hope Janice can be helped by the vet and return home soon.

    Mindy & Moe

  2. We're purring and purraying for Janice to get through this illness and get well, and for the the rest of your family. Try to get some rest for yourself too, Criz,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  3. Did you have the vet test Janice for Feline Aids and Feline Lukemia? Usually these 2 tests are done at the same time. The vet will draw Janice's blood to test for these. If these 2 major illness are ruled out, it would be a relief. Usually, being dehydrated is a very bad thing for not just animals but humans too. After the body is starved of water and food (water being the worst), the body will reject food and lose appetite. This happens very quickly within 2-3 days it can be deadly. IV drip is the way to go. Infact, I have a backup IV drip set with needles at the office just in case any of my cats rejects food or water, at least I can prevent their bodies becoming very weak very quickly from lack of water. Don't worry, I think Janice is just very dehydrated. Next time, pinch the cat's skin if it doesn't fall back it is dehydrated and see if your vet will sell you some sets of IV drips for you to keep them at home. Once Janice gets her strength back it should be easier to treat her. But tests should be able to be conducted very quickly, I only worry your vet does not have the test kits etc. Even in Singapore, some vets don't have it. But my vet (which is strictly by appointment only – walk ins only for emergency even for regular customers), she is very good & well equipped and I've always waited no less than half an hour each time for a blood test to throw up results, which she'd make a proper diagnose and course of treatment and my cats come bouncing back to life very quickly. Please ask your vet if they have given her a blood test for feline aids & lukemia? Also, I was thinking Janice may have been bitten on the face/head by other cats (cats play rough) OR worst attacked by one of the strays outside your home. And it just so happens that the wounds are around her face/head by coincidence. Disease can be spread between cats from a simple bite wound. I'd like to email this to you actually, but I couldn't find any email address here. Best regards, WEE ZH (Jawsy, Felix & Garfield's friend/collegue)

  4. Praying hard that Janice gets better and the vet finds out what is wrong. So hard when the little fuzzy ones are ill and that humans don’t know what is going on.
    Rest up so you are there for Janice and all that need you right now.

  5. Oh we are so sorry to her that Janice is not doing better. We will purr and purr for her to get better. Get some rest Criz….snuggle with those other babies and all of you have a good nap.

    Junior, Orion and Meowm

  6. I am pwaying as hawd as I can that Janice gets bettew and can come home soon and the all the othew kitties stay unaffected
    love and smoochie kisses

  7. aw, we’re so sorry to hear this. we will send big healing purrs and prayers to sweet Janice and the rest of the kitties.

    Take care Criz, you’re doing all you can. puuuuuurrrrrrrrsssssssss

  8. Criz, have you tried any of this for the two that are sick now?

    * Feeding plain yogurt with active cultures.
    * Cooked hamburger and twice-cooked rice mixed together.

    The vet here had recommended that to me once.

    I hope that Janice gets well soon and that you can rest some in the mean time.

    Mommy Bean Laure

  9. Oh Criz, we is purring and purraying as hard as we can fur poor Janice. We sure hope da vet can fix her up fast. Yoo and da other kitties should take a nice long nap.

  10. I am purring my best for Janice, too. She has been through so much! And I hope you can get some rest, also.

  11. oh, we are furry sorry to hear that poor janice is lonesome and hurty. we knows you all at home are lonesome, too. we purrs an’ purrays that the vets will find out what’s wrong an’ mend it soon. haf they tested her for parasites? sometimes they cause squirties an’ if they migrates, they could be causin’ those lumpy places–::shudder::–we doesn’t know what kindsa wormses you has around there, but there is some in africa that can do that. whatefur it is, we sure sends you our bestest healing love!!

  12. Oh dear, poor Janice is still sick. I keep purring and purring for her. You look after yourself as well! The other kitties need you too.

  13. Poor Janice!!! With these suspicious horns and all her really bad sickness we just have a gut feeling that it might be a parasite of some form… Whatever it is we purr and hope and purr that she will be well soon!!!!

  14. We are purring very hard so Janice can get better!!!! I hope the Vet can help her.
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Criz, our prayers and thoughts are with you and the J-Family.
    Try to get some rest for yourself, please.
    ML & The Sherwood Bunch

  16. We are praying and purring for Janice and all of your family.
    Our Bandit has terrible bowel problem, too. He seems to do a tiny bit better when he eats yogurt.
    Please keep us posted.
    ~ The Bunch

  17. We are purraying really hard for Janice and we hope the v.e.t. can figure out what is wrong with her and make her better.

    Purrs to Jeremy and Justin too!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  18. We will be purrin for you Janice and we hope you won’t be in the hospital long and back with your family very soon…


  19. Just checking in for an update…we are still purring and purring!

  20. We hope that Janice gets better and can return home soon.
    We also hope that rest of the family is healthy. We are sending healing thoughts and purrs.

  21. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    and gentle tail wags for all of you.


    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  22. awww, we miss her too. that broke my heart when you wrote that she softly meowed to come home.

    here is lots of hugs for you all…hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug.

    please keep keeping us upated.


  23. Sending healing purrrrrss & purrrrayers for Janice, Criz, & the rest of the J-Family.

    And Criz. Try to get some rest. Cuddle with one of the other kitties. Something. You wear yourself into your own sickness, you can't take care of yourself or anyone else.

  24. I am sorry to read that Janice isn’t getting any better. I hope and pray that the vet can find out what’s wrong with her and fix it. Take care of yourself, too, Criz. You need to stay healthy to take care of your kitties. I really hope that the other kitties aren’t coming down with the same things. (((HUGS))) to you all.

  25. So sorry about Janice. Pls let the vet run all the possible test to avoid her having a contagious disease that can affect the other Js. I care

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