This week’s theme is on STRING(S).
Not so long ago, I was working on quite a number of
paper bags projects for my local market consumptions.
As there were strict Quality Control involved,
I ended up with a lot of colorful nylon STRINGS.
I brought those STRINGS home as I knew that
the kitties would love to play with them.







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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. Beautiful pics! My girls love to play with strings too or the kiddo’s shoelaces etc. 🙂 Happy photo hunting, and thank you for stopping by!


  2. Hi Criz – what a lot of stings. Your cats must be happy to play with those. 🙂

  3. You and my hubby take the prize for putting words in the mouths of kitties!!! You guys are so funny!
    Love your kitties and your photos.
    What would we do without them?
    Happy weekend

  4. Cats always get my vote. I just love their logic.

  5. Cats and string were made for each other. They look a bit apprehensive, what were you saying to them? Have a good weekend Criz.

  6. I can imagine my kids making a mess out of those strings at home if they have them!!!

    …….crawls back to bed, lagee sakit 🙁

  7. Please don’t tell me all those strings are only used for the cats to play with! ;D

  8. Wow I love your string collection, lol ! looks very colorful !

    I also read your posts below, how interesting and I love the pictures !

  9. Cats pulling string? Heee…is that how “pull string” came from..LOL!

  10. Purzzzzzzzzzz, just look at all my bright new toy strings mama!!!

    My strings are strung and strummed…come join me if you can find some time today! Happy Hunting!!!

  11. You can’t go wrong with shots of kittens. Especially pics of cats and string. GREAT contribution! Mine’s up, also. Happy Photo Hunting!

  12. Awww..they’re adorable~ Cute Cats,as awlays Criz!~Mine is HERE if you have a time! Thanks! Happy PH!

  13. LOL… The string on a stick toy is my kitties’ favorite toy. They would go nuts over your kitties’ colorful collection.

  14. Pretty, as well as safe strings!

    I sure do hope Jolyn is making friends. She is such a pretty girl.

    ~ KittyBoy

  15. I knew you guys would have a good one this week for strings!

  16. Your cats are so photogenic. Great take on the string(s) theme.

  17. Ooo … I think that I’d have a whole lot of fun with those nylon strings, too. I like to get into Mom’s shoppin’ bags an’ hide so that I can POP out at the Feline Americans!

  18. Hi there!

    New photo hunter here 🙂

    Love your string photos. Your cats are so cute!!

    Hope you have a super Sunday!

  19. Hahahahaha!!!! OK! You win,you have the most strings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like the colours too!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Hi Chriz, how does that pet friends list in the sidebar work? I’d like to pick up the code for it 🙂 Ellen

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