Since the weather has been rather humid here with no movement of air within the house, I allowed the kids out for some adventures on their own. I used to be worried about them being left alone without any supervisions but I guessed they have grown up well enough to take care of themselves…. I hope. Haha. See! I am still a bit worried. Which Daddy would not be with such playful kids around the house? Anyway, I managed to catch some glimpses of what the kids were doing, especially Jeremy and Janice. The two of them have been extremely close ever since both were still kittens. As usual, Jeremy is the “blur” case when it comes to identifying objects or insects. He was crying out foul due to “BUG ATTACK”. Well, after the drop of anti-fleas treatment, I have not seen even one flea on all my kitties. Why is Jeremy behaving this way? Read on… LOVEBUG01 LOVEBUG02 LOVEBUG03 LOVEBUG04 LOVEBUG05


  1. How cute. Those kitties are precious. Love the photos.
    Just be patient, little Miss Janice. Jeremy will surely notice you soon.

  2. Oh Jer, us female kittys are impatient at times, you has to SHOW her the love bug too!

  3. Janice,Jeremy will see you sooner or later 😉
    Do you think your Daddy Criz is ready for this?

    Purrs Mickey

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