Gosh… I could not imagine that I dozed off so easily today. Luckily, it is a public holiday over here. After coming back from the vet at 5.30pm, I refreshed myself and wanted to write about Panther’s progress. Then, I thought 15 minutes of shut eyes would not be much of a problem but I overslept until now. Argghh! It’s almost midnight here. I guessed days of running around trying to check on Panther to ensure that he is fine might have tired me off. For more on what had happened to Panther and his previous progresses, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER” and “PANTHER – THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT”. LATEST UPDATE: 19/5/08 11.45PM By the time I reached the clinic, it was around noon. This time I made sure that I wish the vet before moving in to check on Panther. It was so embarrassing that I forgot about that yesterday. 😛 Panther is feeling better now and his temperature showed that it is just a bit higher than normal. Other than that, everything seemed fine. His surgery on the lips has dried up, proving that the medication he has taken in sure worked well. He was quite energetic today by the look of his eyes rolling and his tail swaying from left and right wherever I went. His tongue looked better. The swell on his face has gone down well too. In a day or two, his face would be alright. Except for his fractured paw and wounded spine from his earlier accident, he looked quite healthy to me. I gave him the physiotherapy as I did yesterday and it almost got me another scratch. He bit me! It was just a soft bite pulling my hand closer to him. He even purred and rubbed his head against my hand. See! That’s what I call love… love bite… haha 😛 He performed well today, eating more and gaining more energy as he should. He took in 15cc of liquid diet and 10cc of water. That was a jump compared to yesterday. Unfortunately, he was still “cage-ridden”. Boy… I hate that word “cage”! I hope he gets better soon as I might not be around to check on him few days from now as I would be attending a seminar outstation. Anyway, I have arranged with my friend, the mechanic, to check on him during my absence. He should do that too since Panther is also his cat. Well, Panther sounded and looked “safe” to me now and by a few days, he should be gaining back his weight. I hope. No matter what, I am not taking the risk of bringing him back yet. I will still leave him with the vet until I am back from my seminar. Anyhow, he is still immobile and the clinic would still be a safer place for him still. I just hope the vet would not charge so highly for solely his accommodation as he is now having less jabs. Let’s pray it’s free. 😛 I am now contemplating whether to ask him to give up Panther for adoption. (If there is someone out there who will shower Panther with more love, attention and has a safer environment for him.) Some people had asked me to adopt him since I had put in so much effort in getting his life back… again. I have to apologize. I can’t. Panther needs undivided attention and I have 6 kitties at home which have taken up most of my time. The best I could do is to post up his information on the internet to see if anyone is interested to adopt him.


  1. I am so glad that Panther is mending so well! I think you definitely already have your hands full with the J family, so I understand why you cannot take Panther on, too.

  2. That’s a hard position to be in. You are obviously very fond of Panther or you wouldn’t have invested so much time and money in caring for him.

    It’s good to read he is doing better.

  3. That’s great to hear that Panther is doings much better. Lots more purrs to him for healing and a few headbutts to you for helping him!

  4. Good to hear that Panther is on the mend. I hope he will go to a good home when he recovers and perhaps one that will allow you to visit him from time to time.

  5. Panther sounds like he is really getting better !! Yhay is great news 🙂 It would be nice for him to have a home where he is safe and loved. I will purray that he can get one 🙂
    Purrs to you for being so good to him 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Thank you for the updates. I’ve been praying for Panther every day. You’re a very good and loving person, and I’m sure Panther appreciates your care. I have a sort of similar problem myself. There’s a kitty that I’ve fed and loved and taken to the vet (and paid for too), but he doesn’t belong to me. His owner is in a situation where he wants to get rid of the kitty and I want so badly to take him, but I’ve already got 5 cats and one of them HATES new cats. I’m trying very hard to find that kitty a good home too, and it breaks my heart that I can’t take him.

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