LATEST UPDATE: 17/5/08 11.30PM I am real sorry if my post had caused much stress to some of you. It is just my way to describe in detail of what had happened after Panther had been admitted into the clinic. That is the reason I dare not share any photos of how gross his swollen face is now. He could hardly open up his right eye. I better stop here or else I will get myself into more stress thinking about his condition now. I had spent 3 hours with Panther this evening, comforting him and trying to persuade him to take in more food and water. It is really tough to feed him when he is under the influence of pain killer. I can feel his tummy growling but he could hardly swallow much. Can you imagine him with his size taking in only about 1.5cc of liquid diet and 2cc of water? According to the vet, that was the best record so far. Most of the time, he would just take in 1cc of water and not much food at all. I did not know what happened to me. I was just sitting there, stroking him endlessly, and talking to him nonstop. I wondered if he could understand me at all with his eyes shut. It was getting late and I gave him one last stroke, telling him that I will be back to see him again tomorrow. As I was turning my back towards the exit, I thought I heard a soft husky purr. I turned back but saw that his eyes were still shut but at one corner of the eye was some wetness. He was in tears as if wanting me to accompany him through the night. I have no choice as I have other commitments to handle and I left with my eyes red. So am I now :~~(
LATEST UPDATE: 17/5/08 12.20PM I received a call this morning at 9.00am from the vet, something that I fear of as I did ask him to call me in case there is an emergency. Luckily, it was just a progress report. I was told that Panther slept through the night without having any problems or complications. It could be due to the additional two shots he received last night. This morning, he was screaming and shaking in pain. He was again given another jab to calm him down. The vet managed to feed him some water and liquid food but he was not taking in much as most of the food dripped out. It was a pity sight and I hated animals being caged in too. I wished that he would not have injured so much on the mouth, especially on the tongue. Better still, he would not even be in this stressful accident. Sassy did suggest that I take in Panther and let him be an indoor cat. In fact, he was an indoor cat guarded by 3 caring dogs. We were still curious to find out what made him wander so far away from the garage that day. Unfortunately, I do not think that I have the means to adopt him with 6 fast growing kitties at home and I am a bit worried to see how much the vet bill is going to look like now. Moreover, Panther would surely need undivided attention with his handicapped conditions. But, this is a good suggestion and I would check with my mechanic to get him a permanent home or some safer place for him to be in. I will keep you all posted on Panther’s progress later in the evening when I pay him another visit. Thanks for the endless purrs and prayers.LATEST UPDATE: 16/5/08 4.00PM The vet had decided to give Panther 2 stitches on the lips around 1.00pm to make sure that the wound gets heal faster and also to avoid it from getting infected. The X-ray report finally came out. Other than his previous injuries, he had only a tiny hair line fracture. PANTHER X-RAY What a relief! I was afraid that it could have been worst. It looked as if he would be forced to stay immobile for some time. The only thing I’m worried about now is how is he going to eat with his mouth all swollen up. I guessed the vet should know what will be the best for him. We would not know now as Panther is still under the effect of sedatives. He is sleeping soundly now. I will check out with the vet on his condition, maybe later this evening or early tomorrow.LATEST UPDATE: 16/5/08 12.44PM
If we had saved him earlier when he fell from the roof and nurtured him to what he is today, we would also do the same for him now. I’m not a person who would create a battle zone over here to debate whether what should be done for him. Neither can I describe a long post to elaborate further on what we had tried our best to do. We DID try to carry him for immediate medical attention but he refused to be carried and fight back vigorously. We STOPPED because there might be other parts that may have fractured or broken bones as well and struggling may affect other internal parts. Both of us are not professional vet, just animal lovers and there are not many vets around here on this small little island. Again, we DID dig out the telephone directory and called all possible vets and pet shops to find someone who was willing to make house calls but NONE was available until 5 hours ago. The mechanic’s wife even put all her chores aside and make sure that Panther has some warm milk ALL THE TIME to calm him down. Panther is at the vet’s clinic recuperating now. He would have to stay there for a week or more for the vet to monitor his condition. It took 3 of us to grab hold of him before a jab could be given to him. At least he is in better hands now. He had some minor bruises on his right chin, a broken fang, and a badly injured tongue. I’m waiting for the X-ray report to see if any other parts of his body were affected. I will keep you all update on that when I pay another visit later today. So, I hope no one else will jump into any other conclusions without understanding the actual situation and stresses both of us are having now. Thanks anyway for the wishes and it showed that all of you really care for the welfare of another living creature. 🙂
PANTHER01 You would have read earlier about the bitter life of Panther, the marching cat. His life has been so bad that whenever I visit him, my tears will drip for no reasons. He has to go through the trauma of falling off the roof at a tender age, handicapped and not able to move for months, braving himself against all odds to keep on surviving and finally took the courage to try to walk. Unfortunately, the impact from the fall with a broken spine and injured brain refused to coordinate well to let him walk properly. Can you imagine having to experience more than a year of that sorrow? It hurt deeply inside me seeing him struggling to move himself and falling after a few steps. It’s so painful! PANTHER02 Since I was still having connection problems with my ISP, I had decided to pop in my mechanic’s garage yesterday morning just to check on him. I almost cried. At one corner was Panther dripping blood all over the floor and refusing to be touched by anyone, not even my mechanic and I. It seemed one #$%@^* customer drove into the garage without sighting Panther’s whereabout and knocked him at the chin. I would not blame him too. Any normal cat would have avoided upon hearing the sound of an oncoming car. The problem is Panther was not normal. Both of us sat there in a daze not knowing what to do. He just won’t let us help him. We could not even check if there were more fractures on his already Lego-joined body. Nobody dare to go near him as he would hiss and show his sharp pointing claws. I could vividly see his painful tears dripping. So was mine. PANTHER03 I hope that he will brave through the ordeal as what he did the last time. I prayed and prayed hard the whole day, hoping that he would have had tense down to at least let us take him for some treatments. I would be taking some time off later to visit him again in hope of a miracle. PANTHER04 Panther… Life has been harsh on you but do not forget that we still love you. Have faith in yourself. Stay strong to fight through this ordeal. I know it is painful for you to hold back but let’s hope that with our love and tender loving care, you will have a better life in the future. Oh God, please listen to my humble plea. Let him stay on for many years to come…


  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. I read about him some time ago in this blog and remember him well. I hope there is something that can be done for him to alleviate his suffering. Sending my purrrrrrrs and purrayers.

  2. MyMomoSissy
    Jusy told me about panthew..I can’t beaw to think of the pain he is feeling..I send him my pwayews and healing smoochie kisses..but if he’s suffewing, I hope he can cwoss the bwidge whewe he will be whole again and wun and play..I pway fow his wecovewy..

  3. Oh, how terrible for poor Panther. Life has been so hard for him and since cats hid their pain, he must be in unbearable pain. We hope someone can help him somehow.

  4. Oh, Criz this is SO sad! I and all my brothers and sisters at Kattenpraat are going to purrrrrrr very hard for Panther and hope he find trust in you and the mechanic to help him.


  5. come on Panther! please feel our love and strength flowing into you from all corners of the world.

    can anyone get a vet out to him? is there an animal charity that can help? this is so sad…i hope Panther finds some help or peace very soon, whichever is most appropriate for him.


  6. Poor Panther, we is purring and purraying soooo hard fur yoo. Please here us and trust Criz and yoor mechanic buddy to help yoo. Yoo need to be taken care of…

  7. Very Sad Story 🙁
    Hearbreaking, please get him medical attention. He is suffering and you can see a line across his face where he got hit. 🙁

    Please don’t delay, he doesn’t deserve this suffering.
    I’m sure the mechanic can afford the vet, it’s his shop he got hurt in and it’s him who left him bleeding on the floor.
    I’m sure a notice on enough of our blogs that he didn’t help this cat would be great for his business.

    This isn’t a blogging issue, you should be helping him, not writing blog posts while he bleeds out. like wtf?! You have sanctuary in you your title and you sit there and take photos of him suffering, what kind of sadistic bastard are you?, and then you leave him on the cold conrete floor to fend for himself and pray he’ll be ok. Of course he doesn’t want you to touch him he is probally scared shitless of you. Association with you two has cost him his spine, brain and now maybe his life. Dear god if you two have children I fear for their safety.

  8. We are so very sorry to read about Panther and his very difficult life. Hopefully, he will allow someone to examine his injuries soon. If not, we hope the mechanic will get a professional cat rescue person to examine him safely.

    We are purrin hard today fer Panther an we hope he heals…

    It is learnin about the hard life some kitties haf that make us realize how very lucky we 3 have been!

  9. If I were there, I’d pick him up, wrap him in a blanket, and take him to the vet. If I got scratched, I wouldn’t care. Scratches on my hands and arms will heal. Panther’s serious injury won’t. If someone were afraid of getting scratched, I would recommend wearing long sleeves of some thick material and gloves. Even wearing potholders on the hands would work, though it’s harder to grab hold of the kitty. I pray that the sweet kitty will get help, and I pray that someone will step up IMMEDIATELY to help him.

  10. Oh how terrible it is that Panther is yet going through another injury. It brings tears to the mom of the house’s eyes. I will pray hard that Panther will get better and life has given him all the bad luck now that he will ever have and from now on his life will be a happier one. Please get better Panther and be safe. I will put your photo on my blog and ask for others to pray for you too.

  11. We hope poor Panther can go to the vet very soon. Mom’s first cat was hit by a car in the face and lost a fang. He was bleeding from the mouth and going into shock. He spent a week at the vet and another at a kennel before coming home. He lived on many years after that, with a twist to his lip and 3 fangs instead of 4.
    Best wishes for Panther!

  12. If this was my cat, I would do the same as Karen (Grr, Midnight & Cocoa) suggested.
    Someone needs to get that poor cat to a vet ASAP.
    If they need help with the vet bills, several of us in the Cat Blogosphere hold fundraisers for just that purpose.
    As Karen said, the scratches on you won’t last long, but Panther is suffering and he may not make it on his own.
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  13. Our heart is breaking for Panther. We hope he will let you help him. We are purring for him. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  14. This made our tears come, we pray so much that this brave young man will allow you to give him the help he needs… what a strong and brave heart he must have. And you for caring so for him…

  15. You throw a blanket over him and pick him up and bring him to a VET.
    If you get scratched in the process, who cares.
    To justlet him be there and suffer is absolutely irresponsible.

  16. I can hardly stand to read this. Please, everyone is right — you MUST get this poor, poor kitty medical attention WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY! You cannot let an injured cat just lie there in agonizing pain until he dies. Cat scratches heal, but this kitty will not. Wear long sleeves, gloves, put a towel over your face if necessary and put a blanket over Panther and please, please get him to a veterinarian! I just wish I were there – my entire life would come to a complete halt until no matter what it takes, I got Panther to a vet.

    ML is right – if money is the issue, we’ll raise it for you immediately. I have little, but I would pay for Panther’s vet bills out of my own pocket if that’s what it takes. Panther has surely suffered enough – please don’t let him lie there an suffer more!!!


  17. Oh, we are so sorry to hear about Panther’s latest problems. He must really be hurting.

    Have you tried wrapping him in a heavy towel or something similar? It would still hurt him like heck, but you might be able to get ahold of him to take him to a V*T. They could tent him and examine him.

  18. I’m so sad to read this story. Poor kitty. I hope he feels better soon.

  19. Thanks for the update. I am so relieved that he finally got to a vet for medical attention.I am purring and purring for him to get better soon.

  20. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs for Panther and for you and for your mechanic. This is an awful thing for all of you to have to go through.

    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  21. Oah Dear…
    I am so sorry to hear about this poor kitty~~~
    I hope panthew will be better and better 🙁

  22. I’m so glad to read your update. I know how an animal in pain can fight out of fear, and I’m so happy Panther is getting help now. Please let me (and all of us) know if there’s anything we can do. In the meantime, I’ll pray for his recovery and pray that Panther doesn’t have to experience pain ever again. Bless you all for helping him.

  23. our eyes are leaking for this poor sweet panther!

    god bless you for helping him and we are purrrring and purraying for hims to get better and feel better soon.

    dear catblogosphere friends, please don’t be to harsh to our friend Criz and his mechanic friends.
    I am sure he was longing to help this poor darling in the first place anyway, but sometimes even if the furry one is injured it just needs some time and patience to not risk even more injuries to the poor one…
    I am sure your encouragement and suggestions helped him but don’t judge him without being in his shoes.
    just my 2 cents…

    sending love and good vibes your way!

  24. We are so sorry to hear about little Panther. Thank goodness he is at the vet now. It might be a good idea to keep him as an indoor cat since he has problems with walking and can’t make quick get aways. He might like the idea, but it would better for his health.

    We hope you feel better soon Panther.
    Opus and Roscoe
    ps. We have a cousin with the name Panther!

  25. PS. We meant to say that “he might NOT like the idea”. Not sure where our “not” went on our last comment.

    Kitty Kisses from Italy,
    Opus and Roscoe

  26. Oh Criz…you are so tender hearted to help little PANTHER during this painful time. God Bless you all who care so much for this tiny furry friend. I will purrr and puray for his full recovery. Sometimes being a kitty can be so very hard. I am sure he liked the warm milk from the nice lady.
    Much love from Miss Peach

  27. Ah, poor Panther, he has had a tough life so far. I am so glad he is getting the treatment he needs and is on the mend. Thanks for looking out for him.

  28. Just read your update and am so glad sweet Panther is at the vets, sedated and healing. And I know you are relieved to hear there were no more broken bones, etc. I knew you would do what was best for Panther, it is obvious you care very deeply about him.
    And, as I said earlier, if you require any assistance with his vet bills, please let us know. We would be more than happy to help.
    And thanks for keeping us posted.
    Get well, Panther!

  29. Good to hear that no more serious injuries are present and he is more comfortable with the sedation.

    I am sure the vet will advice on feeding. Perhaps syringe-feeding of fluids until he can eat by himself again???? Will be back to see the updates. Thanks for posting them. Poor kitty!

  30. we are very glad to hear about the updates.
    poor little darling. we hope he is getting better so very soon!

    sending loven and lots of purrrs and purrayers to alla you!

  31. Oh poor Panther…we will continue to purray for his recovery…sending all of our healing purrs…

    and Gracie

  32. So much sadness and trauma in Panther’s short life so far. Thanks to the wonderful caring by you and the mechanic,Panther has had a good life. Even now you care for him and the Vet will make him feel better 🙂 I will send Panther my biggest PURRS!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  33. Thank you for the update. We are so relived that you were able to get medical help for Panther. We understand first hand how difficult it can be to get help for an injured cat. When Socks hurt his shoulder he crawled up under the bed and wouldn’t come out. Mommy was afraid to drag him out as she thought it might hurt him worse. Luckily the youngest boy bean was home and he could pick up the bed, while Mommy picked him up. She wouldn’t have been able to do this if she had been home alone. And Socks is usually a very gentle sweet shy obedient cat. He was actually hissing at Mommy, he never did that before or since. So we understand completely why you had to hold off on getting medical attention. We know that everyone was doing the best the could for Panther.

    Glad he is getting the help he needs and is getting better. We will keep purring for him. I am sure the pet will be able to tell you what he can eat with his poor hurt mouth. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  34. I’m so sorry to hear about sweet Panther.This truly broke my heart and
    made my eyes leaky.You,your mechanic
    and his wife are true angels for helping him…Hugs and Purrs Ariel

  35. We just saw the story about Panther on the CB. We are sure that you are doing everything you can to help him. Poor little thing! Thank you for taking care of him!


  36. Panthers story made Mommy Beans eyes leak. She says her heart aches to see him with so many hurties. We will all purr extra loud for hims to be okay. YOU and the mechanic and the vet are doing EVERYTHING possible to help him.

    Please do not let other’s let you think otherwise, YOU all are good BEANS!

  37. We are so glad to read that Panther is in good hands and his injuries were (relatively) minor. It’s just like the first cat (as Victor described), where a mouth injury looked much worse. We know you’re doing your best by him. Purrs for a speedy recovery!

  38. Thank you for the update – I’m so happy to hear that Panther is at the vet and sedated, too. And I want to apologize if anything I said in my comment yesterday sounded harsh or judgemental – we cat lovers get a bit crazy sometimes, especially when a kitty is hurt. It’s obvious you dearly love Panther or he would never have made it this far.

    If we can do anything to help with his vet bills, we surely will – just let us know and we’ll coordinate with ML and others to have a fundraiser.


  39. We are so relieved to learn you were able to get Panther to a vet and have him x-rayed for broken bones. What a terrible experience for all of you – especially Panther.

  40. I checked out your place first thing today and was so glad to hear that Panther is getting the treatment needed to make him feel better. I am glad that there were no serious injuries.
    I know this sweet kitty lives with the mechanic but I am wondering that as friend to the mechanic and sweet Panther if maybe he could live at your place as an indoor cat. I bet your would take such extra nice care of him and there wouldn’t be anymore cars to hurt him or strangers coming and going out of his enviornment. It is just an idea. I bet he wouldn’t be any trouble for you.
    Panther just needs a fair chance at life and a chance to be loved.

  41. I just read of Panther’s latest injuries and went back to see the first post about him. What a fighter! I am so thankful that you have been there to help him even though you don’t have tons of resources for help.

    Please do let us know how we can help with his vet bills. Meowm is ready to send a donation right now!

  42. So very, veryy glad you were able to get Panther some help. If we sounded like we were attacking you, we appoll apliifl, we mean, we’re sorry.

    Sending purrrss to Panther, and a great big {{hug}} to you and your mechanic friend.


  43. This is a very sad situation..If this poor fellow hasn’t either the strength or the with to be able to defend himself, especially considering his “home” situation, he should be tenderly escorted to the Rainbow Bridge, lest his inability to protect himself from harm cause him further pain and suffering..sometimes the most loving thing we can do for each other is to allow the surcease of a loved one’s pain and suffering..tho’ it may cause our hearts to ache..Criz..please, help him to be forever safe, forever peaceful, forever free from fear..let him go.

  44. Oh my gosh! I’m glad I found this site, so that we can send our purrs and purrayers too. We certainly understand it’s not always easy to get a cat to the vet.

    Us kitties are SO resilient, so don’t lose heart! Panther’s got two of the bestest guardian angels out there, and if he doesn’t make it in this life then he’ll at least be in a MUCH better place on the other side.

  45. Oh we justee heard from Sassy Cat dat dis itty bitty guy iz hurtin’. Da momee here iz hurted but we justee hadz to come & say we iz purrin’ fur your frend. We sendz lotz of healin’ thoughts hiz way.

    Dr Tweety

  46. We are glad to hear that Panther is doing better and he didn’t get more broken bones! We will purr for a quick recovery!
    Your FL furiends,

  47. This is so sad – it’s hard to read about and see.
    But we’re glad Panther is doing better so far, we hope he continues to recover.

  48. Hi Criz,

    We just read about what happened. Please dont give up hope. As you may or may not known about Moki and all that we have been through (are going through,) Moki’s doctors originally thought he’d never be able to sit up again let alone walk. There is hope for Panther. Our story is very similar. We had six cats when Moki entered our life. He is a special needs cat as well. There may be much advice I can offer you if you want to contact me (questions@savemoki.com) As for eating there are liquid diets which can be given to Panther until he can eat on his own again. In regards to the original accident, did it leave him unable to move all of his legs, or affect only the front or back legs? If Panther still has the ability to move either his front or back legs, than a cart could help him. (I understand the his front leg is injured at the moment, but will he be able to use it when he recovers?) Purchasing a cart can be expensive, but there are ways to build them yourself, if you have the time. We orginally built one for Moki out of PVC pipe and it cost us under $20.00 to make…Please, please, please email me if you have any questions about how you can help Panther. In addition to all that we have gone through with Moki I have also completed vet assisting classes so I may be able to help.

    Our deepest prayers are with Panther, and yours!

  49. Poor Panther has certainly had a rough time of it. I am glad that he is getting the help he needs to get better.

  50. You are all in my thoughts and purrrayers right now. Panther for a full recovery and that he has a chance at a bit of a sunny life in a safe haven to call home.
    You for you tender heart and all of the things you have gone through of late…know we care much…
    Love from Miss Peach

  51. We are so sorry to hear about this. So sad. It makes the PM’s eyes leak too. How much can a poor cat endure! At least you got him to the vet’s and he is getting taken care of. We will be purring for everyone involved!

    purrs Shade and Goldie

  52. We hate reading that he was screaming and shaking in pain, but it’s no wonder, with what he has been through. Perhaps the vet can give him intravenous feedings until he is able to eat on his own again?

    We don’t have any money, but we have noticed a couple of offers to help raise funds for Panther’s vet bills and at least one offer of a donation. Can you open a PayPal account for anyone who might be able to donate?

    And we understand you want newcomers to read Panther’s story, but could you possibly add any future updates to the top of Panther’s post? We keep checking back for updates and we imagine others are too. They are easier to miss at the bottom.

    We really hope Panther heals well from this traumatic injury. It’s hard for us to see the photos, so we know it was hard on you and your mechanic to see the cat suffering and not be able to help him at first.

  53. ((((Criz))))
    we he know it is hard for you to see panther suffer so much. It even is hard for momma to read about how he is doing at the VETs 🙁
    we are sure you did and do all you can for this poor little darling.

    sending hugs and purrrs and purrayers your way!
    Kashim & Othello
    Momma Astrid

  54. So sorry to hear Panther is hurting so. We’re hoping he starts feeling better soonest, and starts to eat a little.

    Sending healing purrrss to Panther, and a {{hugg}} to Criz and Panther’s beans.

    Give Panther a gentle {hug} from us, OK?

  55. I am quite relieved that Panther was finally able to get taken to the vet. What an upsetting situation for everyone.

  56. Thanks for the updates!! I am still purring for Panther!!
    Purrs Mickey

  57. Poor Panther, I am glad he had your company. I have made a small contribution towards his vet bills and would have liked to contribute more if SS had a paying job. I am purring and purring hard for him.

  58. Criz, Thanks so much for helping Panther. Our Mum cried when she first read about him being hurt, but we’re glad that you were able to get him the medical help he needs. We’ll keep purring and purraying and sending positive thoughts to him (and to you), so that he recovers in record time. We hope the stitches help heal his sore mouth, ‘cos eating is just so much fun for us kitties!

    Purrs and gentle headbutts from downunder,

    Gypsy & Tasha

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