FEVER01 I do not like it when I am sick. I feel so terrible! I can’t play at all. The only thing I can do now is sleeping and it’s real boring. Mummy told me that I can play but cannot eat any little creatures that run about very fast. I did not eat but bite a funny looking roach and now I end up with a fever. Gosh! Those roaches are really dirty. FEVER02 FEVER03 FEVER04 Well, at least there are still some friends out there who still care even they are of different breeds, stripes and colors…  FEVER05  FEVER06 Not forgetting my ever loving younger brothers who will always accompany me in whatever ups and downs that I may have. After all, my family will never stop supporting me. That’s what a family is for.  FEVER07 I better stop ranting here or Daddy will scold me for not having enough of rest to rebuild my immune system. Hehehe… ZzzzzZZzzzzZZZ…


  1. I am very sorry that you are feeling sick, and I sure hope you feel better soon!

  2. Aww Janice yoo better rest yo and feel better!! Buggies are yucky to eat! You look very cute all cuddled up though! You are the cutest sleeping kitten ever!

  3. Oah Dear~~
    I am so sorry you are sick~!!! I don’t like fever as well, I sincere hope you recover to naughty kitten soon!

  4. Oh I hope you get to feeling better soon! That is not good! There are too many sickies around.

    Purrs–I bet our bamboo floors will be real cool if you are too hot–of course we got snow this morning so it is REAL cool here!

  5. Poor baby ! how can you bite in these disgusting things ?? And please also keep away from spiders ! All my cats wish that you will get better soon.
    Your pictures are just tooo cute !

  6. oh, poor Janice, get well soon, we’re sending our healing purrs & purrayers furr you. that’s so sweet of your family there, gather around to soothe your bad condition.

  7. Janice – we are so sorry to hear that you have a fever. It seems a lot of cats are sick at the moment – we don’t have time to do anything else but purr for everybody!
    That must have been one special nasty cockroach – we never got a fever fomr them – but will be more careful in the future!
    Get well soon!

  8. Oh, dear Janice. Please get well very soon! At least you’re being purred on by all your family. That will make you well all the quicker! Purrs.

  9. Awwwww…poor little thing! Hope you’re feeling better soon! Thanks for the best wishes on the surgeries. They say you are what you eat, we hope to change that to you are what you don’t eat 😉

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