This week’s theme is SURPRISE.Let’s hope time will eventually heal Daddy’sbroken heart since Joey’s death last week.The news caught everyone one of us in SURPRISEas she was such a healthy and loving sister. Note: Jeremy did not injure himself but created a hole on the already brittle awning.The fallen piecesRead More →

Count down … 2 days more before the surprise party! I am think I have been taking things for granted all these while. All know is to eat, sleep and enjoy my life away without thinking how much work Mama Jessica had to go through daily. I had just helpRead More →

The J Brats: Hehehehe… Jessica: Jeremy! Jayson! Janice! Justin! What do you think you all are doing there in front of the computer? Jeremy: Aw…Mom. We have to do this to keep Daddy away from this computer. We changed his password. Hehe… Jessica: What? You did what? Jonathan: Kids… don’tRead More →