This week’s theme is ORANGE.An ORANGE may have high Vitamin C in thembut overdose of Vitamin C would not be good for the body.Although non-toxic, it may cause diarrhea, kidney stones,nausea and tamper with the analysis of blood work results.Just look at Mrs. Mousey who loves ORANGES a lot…Something wentRead More →

It was definitely a very wet weekend and a chaotic one indeed. First it rained nonstop for more than 13 hours with 4 hours of heavy downpour. My garden was flooded with more than a foot of water whereas my surrounding neighborhood was with above knee deep water. I gotRead More →

Janice is back!! She’s home resting now!! I’m sure this is what all of you might want to hear, right? Well, she might be fine now but things for did not worked out as I had planned earlier. THE GOOD NEWS: Janice did not even realize that she was goingRead More →

I have always told that fat boy Jonathan that he should go on diet but he just never listen to my advice. Everyday he would gobble up 400g of cat food, followed by his marathon siesta. Even when he is awake, he would just laze around the couch and watchRead More →