This would be my fourth continuous night caring for my baby Joey. She has been under lots of depression after been diagnosed with many liver related complications. If I had not accidentally spotted the orange urine she gave out a few days back, she would have been in a worst condition. Panting furiously, loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, noticeable weight loss, inability to lie down, epilepsy and lack of energy to move about were some of the things I had noticed. I’m getting real panicky here. I pray that everything would be back to normal soon although I was informed that I had to keep my fingers crossed to see results in weeks. Syringe feeding her every few hours has been real stressful and it’s tiring me out. I love my baby a lot… please hold on baby… it’s not your time yet… please stay strong… Daddy would always be right by your side… Sob~


The heavy panting sound has even scared me further… Please pray hard for us…


  1. Awwww, Criz! It's never easy for long for you… God bless you and poor Joey. I really pray things improve and joey gets more comfortable! It's ALWAYS better with daddy by your side…

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