This week’s theme is CUDDLY.We J Kitties surely have no trouble at all being CUDDLY.Mama Jessica can still vividly rememberher first birth to Janice here.She love her CUDDLY baby a lot… Happy moments with Mama Jessica and Papa Jonathanwarming up those CUDDLY babies two years ago… THANK YOU FOR YOURRead More →

This week’s theme is SPOTTED.I don’t have many SPOTTED items in the house.The only one SPOTTED one has been “murdered”!Why don’t you ask Jimmy what he had done… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!Read More →

This week’s theme is TWELVE.It has been a great TWELVE months havingto participate in the hunt as well asto know so many friends from all over the world.I know the last TWELVE months have beenrather harsh for some of us herewith the current bad economy.Let’s hope the next TWELVE monthsandRead More →

This week’s theme is FAST.The word FAST has many meaningsbut I did not know until now thatthe J Family Christmas Drama crewsloved to use that word a lot.In what context?You would have to find out yourselves… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPYRead More →

This week’s theme is UNDESIRABLE.I have been having these weird andUNDESIRABLE feeling for no reasons…Let’s hope nothing UNDESIRABLE would happen.Argh! Not again! Janice had shiftedher sleeping place again.That’s the third place this week.What had gone up the head of my girl recently? OMG!! Where’s the girl’s cleanliness anyway??Of all theRead More →

This week’s theme is BAGS.The past few weeks upon shifting to a new placehave been rather tiring with the unpackingof stuff from boxes and BAGS.I’ll just let Janice handle all the ranting this week.Let’s hope she gets her priority right this time… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE ARead More →

Since this is a *FREE WEEK Share any pix you’d like* week,my theme would be on ATTRACTIONS.There’s one thing I like to know…What ATTRACTS women most?We guys are rather confused untilJanice explained everything… Now you know the answers to a woman’s mind right? LOL! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ANDRead More →

This week’s theme is TWISTED.Since I’m not feeling so well this week,I would just post up the most memorableTWISTED case that happened in the J Family one and a half years ago.At that time… boys would be boys and both Justin and Jeremy wereinto extreme sports…Results… TWISTED hands!Come to thinkRead More →